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2002: Dr. Smaller (seated center) at the 25th Annual Conference on the Psychology of the Self

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Panel III: Child Case: Balancing Enriching the Sense of Self and the Intersubjective Realm

 “How Child Analytic Treatment Informs Adult Treatment.”  Panel Moderator, 31st Annual International Self Psychology Conference, Baltimore.

“Keeping the Self Alive:  Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Self-Destructive Behavior in Adolescents.”  Invited speaker, Lorman Education Services,  Schamburg, IL.

“Parenting: The Impossible Profession.” Invited speaker, Temple Emanuel Religious School, Grand Rapids.

“Psychoanalysis in the Streets: The Analytic Service to Adolescents Project.”  American Psychoanalytic Association Winter Meeting Panel on Psychoanalysis in the Community, January, New York.


“Playing and PLAY System: A Neuropsychoanalytic Perspective and On Play.”  Presentation to the New Orleans Psychoanalytic Institute, December, New Orleans.

“Throwing Away the Toys: Psychoanalysis, PLAY, and Architecture.” Invited speaker, University of Texas School of Architecture ConferenceOn Psychoanalysis and Architecture.  April, Austin. “The Long-Term Impact of Brief Treatment with Children.”  Guest Speaker, Department of Social Work, Children’s Memorial Hospital March, Chicago

“Still Humbled After All These Years: A Neuro-Psychoanalysis Perspective on Transference.” Presentation to PINC Conference: “Crossing the Synopsis: An Introduction to Neuro-Psychoanalysis.” January, San Francisco


“We Were All Once Children: How Child Analysis Informs Adult Treatment;  Ongoing Pre-Conference Workshop, 29th Annual International Self Psychology Conference, Chicago, Il

“Playing for Keeps:’  How Neuro-Psychoanalysis Impacts Adult and Child And Child Treatment.” Presentation to the Psychoanalytic Institute of Northern California (PINC); Seminar, “Crossing the Synopsis: An Introduction to Neuro-Psychoanalysis, October, San Francisco.

  “Loving to Play and Playing to Love:” A Neuro-Psychoanalytic Perspective on Attachment and Object Relations in the Clinical Process. 6th Annual International Neuro-Psychoanalytic Congress, Pasadena, CA.


“Truth and Reconciliation in American:  Lessons from South Africa.”  Invited Panelist, NAACP Annual Convention, July, Milwaukee, WI


“Cutting and Self Mutilation: A Self Psychological Perspective.” Invited Speaker Community Care Options; November, Countryside, Ilinois.

“‘Angels in Chicago:’ The Diagnosis of Cancer and the Re-Organization of the Self.” Invited Speaker: 4th Annual Conference, Department of Psycho Oncology Swedish Hospital. November, Seattle Washington.

“Stabilizing the Self Through Violence.” Presentation to Division Of  Psychoanalysis (39) American Psychological Association 24th Annual Spring Meeting, March 2004, Miami Beach.

“Helplessness and Hopelessness in the Middle East.” Invited Speaker, Congregation Beth Or, February, Deerfield, Illinois.


“Long Term and Profound Impact of Brief Treatment: A Self Psychological View.” Presentation to Department of Social Work, University of Chicago Hospitals, November, Chicago.

“Terrorism: A Self Psychological Perspective.” Moderator of Panel Presentation; 26th Annual International Self Psychology Conference; November, Chicago.

  “We Were All Once Children: How Child Analysis Informs Adult Treatment.” Presented at 26th Annual International Self Psychology Conference; November, Chicago.

  “The Self Psychology of Brief Treatment.”  Invited Speaker, Grand Prairie Services, October, Chicago Heights.

  “Self Psychology: An Introduction.” Three day workshop, Senior Clinician of the Year Presentation, Illinois Family Care, June, Chicago.

  “Helplessness, Hopelessness and Survival: A Self Psychological View Aggression in the Consulting Room and Beyond.”  Presentation to Division Of  Psychoanalysis (39) American Psychological Association 23rd Annual Spring Meeting, April 2003, Minneapolis.


“Long Term Effects of Brief Treatment: A Psychoanalytic Perspective.”   Latino Family Institute National Conference, October, 2002, Chicago

 “What Facilitates or Impedes Gender Development? A Case Study of a Thirteen  Year Girl In Analysis.” Invited Plenary Speaker, 25th Annual International Self Psychology Conference, October, 2002, Washington, D.C.

  “Self Maintenance and Harm: Treating the Addicted Adolescent.” Presentation to the Association for Adolescent Psychiatry Annual Meeting, Chicago, March.

  “The Future of Child Analysis.”  Presentation to the National Federation of Clinical Social Work, Committee on Psychoanalysis, Biennial Conference, Chicago, March 2002


“Transforming a Professional Self: Integrating Social Work and Psychoanalytic Education.”  Invited Panelist, Presidential Symposium, American Psychoanalytic Association Annual Fall Meeting, December 2001, New York.)

  “Working with Adolescents: A Time for Reconsideration.” Presented at the 24th Annual  Self Psychology Conference, San Francisco, November 2001


 “Advanced Course in Self Psychology.” Two-day Workshop, Texas Society for Clinical Social Work Annual Conference, San Antonio, September, 2000

Master Class Presenter, 23rd Annual International Self Psychology Conference, Chicago, November, 2000


“Parenting: The Impossible Profession.” Presented at the 22nd International Annual Self Psychology Conference, Toronto, November 1999


“The Development of Through the Integration of Sexual and Aggressive Aspects  of the Self.” Presented at the 21st Annual Self Psychology Conference, San Diego, November, 1998


“The Self Psychology Of Child Analysis.” Presented at 20th Annual Self Psychology Conference, Chicago, November, 1997.


“The Psychoanalyst In The Community: Role, Responsibility And Reward.”  Presented To Research Meeting, Faculty, Institute For Psychoanalysis, January, 1996


Hanging Together Or Hanging Separately: Social Work Stress-Related Problems And Solutions: A Psychoanalytic Perspective.” Keynote Address: Chicago Public School Social Workers Annual Conference, June, 1995.

  “The Self Psychology Of Child Analysis: Transformation Of The Selfobject.” Presented To Hampstead Study Group, London, England, July, 1995.


“Transforming Therapeutic Disasters Into Treatment Opportunities.” Keynote Speaker: Indianapolis Psychotherapy Institute, April, 1994.


“Mental Disorders Of The ’90s. Treating the Severely Troubled Patient.” Keynote Speaker: 1993 Conference Indiana University, South Bend, Counseling And Human Service Program, March 1993.

  “Engaging the Severely Troubled Patient: A Psychoanalytic Approach.” Keynote Speaker: Indianapolis Psychotherapy Institute, February, 1993.


“Engaging Resistance: Treating the Severely Reluctant Patient.” Two-day Seminar In Houston/Austin, Texas; Texas Society for Clinical Social Work, March 1992.


“Facilitating The Treatment Process Through Resistance.” Invited Speaker, Texas Social Work Certification Conference, March, Austin, Texas.

  “Gender and Self Development: Clinical Implications.” Keynote Speaker, Annual Spring Meeting, 1991, Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work, Chicago, Illinois.

  “The Psychoanalytic Treatment Of Psychosis.” I-CAPP Post Masters Program, San Antonio.


“Facilitating the Treatment Process Through Resistance.” Invited Guest Speaker, Leyden Mental Health Center, November.


“When the Patient Wants Relief and the Therapist Wants to Interpret.” Invited Speaker: Annual Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Conference, Institute for Psychoanalysis, October.

“Negative Reactions to Feeling Good: Psychoanalytic Treatment of Psychosis.” Invited Speaker; Annual Spring Meeting, Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work.


 “Newborn as a Transference Object.” Presented to 1987 Annual Winter Meeting, American Academy Of Psychoanalysis, Scottsdale, Arizona.

  “The Newborn as a Transference Object.” Invited Speaker; Annual Spring Meeting 1987, Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work;


“Tension Amidst Professional Commitment: Social Workers Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Private Practice.” Paper Presented At NASW Third Annual Symposium, October 1984, Chicago, Illinois.

  “Attitudes Toward Private Practice.” Invited Speaker, Social Work in 1984 – – SSA Alumni Association 25th Anniversary Conference, University Of Chicago , Chicago, Illinois.


“The Psychotherapist’s Ambivalence to Treatment and Its Effect Upon Treatment Outcomes.” Presented to Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work Annual Spring Meeting, 1981, Chicago, Illinois.

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