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Summary of Experience

  • Past President, American Psychoanalytic Association (2014-2016)
  • 40+ years of clinical experience with adults, adolescents, children, families
  • Founding Director, Project Realize, Chicago
  • Founding Director, Great Expectation, Saugatuck High School, Saugatuck,


  • Director (Emeritus), Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation, New York
  • Have served on six non-profit boards (organizational and fundraising)
  • Two Post-Doctorate Certificates
  • Faculty (1985-2016), Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis (Post Doctorate


  • Faculty, Institute for Clinical Social Work (Chicago; Ph.D. Program)
  • Director, Communications Department, American Psychoanalytic Associa-

    tion, New York

  • 20+professional publications
  • Distinguished Service Award, American Psychoanalytic Association


    Graduate: Ph.D., Social Work – 1985


    School of Social Service Administration Chicago, IL

    M.A., Social Work – 1975


    School of Social Service Administration

    Undergraduate: B.A., (English) – 1973


    Ann Arbor, Michigan


    Certificate in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalysis– 2004

Certificate in Adult Psychoanalysis – 1996


Chicago, IL


2014-2016 President, American Psychoanalytic Association
2012 -2014 President-elect, American Psychoanalytic Association
2012-Present Chair, Task Force on Diversity, American Psychoanalytic Association

2010-2012 2010-

2003-2016 2005-

2005- 2007

2003- 1976-


1992 –

1992 – 1985 –

Councilor at Large, American Psychoanalytic Association Founding Director, Great Expectations: Saugatuck High School

In-school group counseling program

Founding Director, Project Realize

In-school treatment and research project of Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis and Morton Alternative High School, Cicero, IL;

Director (Emeritus), Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation; New York and London; Administration of Foundation; Development and Public

Information, Arnold Pfeffer Center for Neuro-
Psychoanalysis, New York; International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Centre and Society, London (Part-time)

Revolution Health, Medical Advisory Board; Mental Health; Online Medical Information Website; Ask Dr. Mental Health Column

Consultant, Morton Alternative High School; consultation with teachers, staff, students and families; group therapist

Psychoanalyst: Private Practice, Chicago, Illinois; Douglas, Psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with adults, adolescents and children Parent consultation; Marital therapy; Consultation and evaluation to schools and other mental health professionals; Legal expert testimony.

Faculty, Core Program, Institute for Psychoanalysis
Instructor: 2nd Year Course: “Preschool and Latency Development”

Chairman, Heinz Kohut Memorial Fund (2003-present) Chairman, Committee on Public Information (1996-2001) Founding Member, Committee on Multi-Cultural Issues Member, Admissions Committee

Member, Budget Committee (2001-03) Member, Recruitment Committee

Member, Evaluation of Learning Committee (2000-03) Faculty, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy Program,

Institute for Psychoanalysis
Consultant, Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School

Faculty, Institute for Clinical Social Work


1997. 1993.

1994. 1984.

1978-1979 1976-1978

1975- 1976

00 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60601
(Ph.D. Program in Clinical Social Work; Established in 1981; Accredited

by North Central Association);

Faculty, New England Educational Institute, Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Course: “Introduction to Self Psychology”; with Ernest Wolf, M.D.

Consultant: Leyden Family Service and Mental Health Center Franklin Park, IL

Consultant, Cathedral Counseling Center, Chicago, IL Psychiatric Social Work Consultant, Diversey Medical Clinic

Chicago, IL

Lecturer, University of Chicago
School of Social Service Administration Chicago, IL

Clinical Social Worker

Tinley Park Mental Health Center Tinley Park, IL

Clinical Social Worker

Psychosomatic and Psychiatric Institute Michael Reese Hospital
Chicago, IL


Active member:

International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Society

Action Group Member

American Psychoanalytic Association

Nominee for President, 2011, (Elected)
Elected, Councilor At Large 2011
Nominee for President 2009
Distinguished Service Award, 2008
Department Head, Public Information
Chairman, Committee on Public Information Chairman, Committee on Social Issues Co-Chairman, Committee on Foundations
Co-chair, Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Marketing

Member, Committee on Racial and Ethnic Diversity Member, Psychoanalysis in the Community Member, Consultation to Schools Committee

American Psychoanalytic Foundation Neuropsychoanalysis Foundation, New York

Board of Trustees



Board of Trustees Board of Trustees

International Neuro-Psychoanalysis Centre


Rita Project Board of Trustees

New York

Chicago Psychoanalytic Society

Chairman, Committee on Public Information (1996-2001) Member, Executive Committee (1996-2001)

Institute for Psychoanalysis (1992-2003)

Institute for Clinical Social Work (2002-2005) Chairman of Development Committee (2002-03); Chairman, 21st Anniversary Fundraising Campaign

Association for Child Psychoanalysis Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work National Association of Social Workers


Listed in Who’s Who Among Human Service Professionals, 1986 Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), State of Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), State of Michigan Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Oklahoma

Board Certified Diplomate, American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work

Smaller, M. (2014) “Community Violence, “ Journal of Infant, Child, and Adolescent

Psychotherapy, Volume 13, Issue 4
Smaller, M. (2013), The plague of bullying: in the classroom the workplace, and the

streets. Psychoanalytic Inquiry.

Smaller, M. (2013). “Throwing Away the Toys: Neuroscience, PLAY, and Architecture In Time and Space and Psyche. Eds., Elizabeth Danze and

Stephen Sonnenberg. Center # 17.
Smaller, M. (2012), Psychoanalysis and the ‘forward edge,’ hit the streets.”

Psychoanalytic Inquiry.

Smaller, M. (2011), In the streets and out in the world: being a psychoanalyst in 2010. Journal of Psychoanalytic Self Psychology.


Smaller, M. (2007), “We were all once children: how does analytic child treatment inform adult treatment?” In the International Journal of the Psychology of the Self, 2(2).

Smaller, M. (2007), “Psychoanalysis in the Streets: The Analytic Service to Adolescents Project.” The American Psychoanalyst. Volume 41, #4

Smaller, M. (2006). “Interview with Mark Solms: Director, International Neuro- Psychoanalysis Centre. The American Psychoanalyst. Volume 39, #1

Smaller, M. (2005). “Truth and reconciliation: psychoanalysis and diversity. The American Psychoanalyst. Volume 38, #1.

Smaller, M. (2003).Gender and sexuality in a sixteen year old girl: a case presentation. Translated in German, Selbstpsychologie, 2003.

Smaller, M. (2003). Working with adolescents: a time for reconsideration. In

Progress in Self Psychology, Volume 19.

Smaller, M. (2003). Analysis is paralysis: organized psychoanalysis at a crossroad. The American Psychoanalyst Volume 36, #4.

Smaller, M. (2002). Social work, psychoanalysis and smoke filled rooms: transformation of a professional self. In Psychoanalytic Social Work, Volume 9, #2, Haworth Press.

Smaller, M. (2002).Expanding our professional selves: a renewed commitment to social issues. The American Psychoanalyst Volume 35 #4.

Smaller, M. (2002). Active fundraising strengthens psychoanalysis. The American Psychoanalyst Volume 35 #3.

Smaller, M. (1993). Book Review: Hierarchical Concepts In Psychoanalysis:

Theory Research and Clinical Practice, ed. by Arnold Wilson and John E. Gedo, in The Bulletin of The Institute for Psychoanalysis, Vol. 4, No. 1.

Smaller, M. (1993). Louis B. Shapiro: dean of Chicago analysts. The American Psychoanalyst, Volume 27, #1.

Smaller, M. (1991). Book Review: Identity in Adolescence: The Balance Between Self And Other, by Jane Kroger, in Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, vol. 8, no. 2.

Smaller, M. (1991). Book Review of The Sexual Relationship: An Object Relations View of Sex and Family, By David E. Scharff, in Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal, vol. 8, no. 1.

Smaller, M. (1987). Attitudes toward private practice in social work: examining professional commitment. Journal Of Independent Social Work, Spring.

Smaller, M. (1986). Tension amidst professional commitment: social work educators’ perceptions and attitudes toward private practice.” Presented To I-CAPP 1984 Conference, Banff, Alberta, Canada; published in I-CAPP Proceedings 1984.



Dr. Smaller received the 2008 American Psychoanalytic Association Distinguished Service Award.


For publications, please download a complete copy of Mark D. Smaller’s resume (updated August 2011).


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